Anerobic threshold & maximum Heartrate – how close can one come?

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    thanks to Uphill Athlete training advice i managed to get my AnT up from 164 to 173 in my latest threshold test today. thanks for making this possible.

    For expectation management: My maximum heart rate is 190. Based on your experiences, how close to the maximum heart rate can I push my AnT in the future approximately? for the difference between the AeT and the AnT we have the 10% test. Are there similar figures available for AnT vs. HFmax?

    thanks a lot in advance!


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    Anonymous on #55037

    I’m not sure. It’s not something that I’ve ever focused on. Speed at AnT is a better performance metric.

    You’re already at ~91%, so I suspect you won’t see much change in heart rate. However, speed can continue to improve for years.

    Marcel on #55063

    Hi Scott,
    thank you for your feedback. Will work on speed for sure.

    Anonymous on #55069

    To be clear, I meant that your speed at all intensities can continue to improve. I didn’t want you to think that you should just train high-intensity speed.

    Marcel on #55108

    @Scott: totally understood & thanks for clarification. just wanted to point out that i got the point that difference between AnT and HFmax is no useful indicator for tracking progress.

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