Anaerobic Threshold Test Result

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    The test went well & I found my ANT to be 170. My AET is 145.
    If I understand it correctly following are the implications:

    1. The upper limit of Z2 is 145 & Z3 is 170.
    2. AnT/AeT diff is above 10%, suggesting ADS. I should train in Z2 (just under AeT) until this value is below 10%.
    3. I should perform one AeT test every month to see improvements.

    What should be the upper limit of Z4 & Z5 (Garmin User Settings)?
    Is there anything else that should be looked into further?

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    kerryob on #60388

    I’m obviously not an expert, but your conclusions look correct to me, Umer.

    The only thing I’m not sure about is if the AnT/AeT differential is over 10%, that it suggests you have ADS. I’m not sure what metrics define that. In any case it does mean that a difference above 10% means your AeT is trainable to go higher.

    For what it’s worth, looks like my AeT is around 132 and my AnT is around 165. Certainly room to improve my personal capacity!


    Umer on #60447

    Hi Kerry

    Thank you for the remarks,
    Looking forward to improving Aet and Aet Pace.

    Hopefully, discuss it more in next meeting 🙂

    speroandrew on #60471

    I thought i had semi accurately performed the drift test inside, maybe slightly under how much percentage- like 2.8 drift from 135 bpm. On a recent outside hike TP sent me a notification that my new threshold is 147 bpm. This doesn’t feel right but now i fear i could be going too easy on myself- im generally not very fatigued at all post workout though. Has anyone else experienced a big difference from their inside measure and tp outside measure?

    MarkPostle on #60475

    Andrew You may be a touch under at 2.8%, you could to another drift test at some point at 140 and try and dial in a bit more where you at. That said i dont put any stock in alerts/awards/new threholds etc from TrainingPeaks or from Garmin for that matter. It has never been clear to me how they are determined or that theyre based in reality.

    ericpb on #60679

    Hey Mark,
    I did my Anaerobic Threshold Test, and I felt like I still had some left in the tank after?
    should I redo it at a higher heart rate?

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