Anaerobic Threshold Test and weighted hike question

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    Hello Coaches Maya & Carolyn.
    I did the Anaerobic Th Test and I’m hoping that I figured out the numbers correctly. I did a steep grade up my fav MTN and kept this run for 30 min. I’m a bit embarrassed to be publicly posting as I am NOT fast. But I’ll deem myself a strong-turtle :). I kept pace for 30min without blowing up. My average HR was 174 and my Aerobic TT is 150.
    174-150 = 24
    10% of 174 = 17.4
    so my 24 is greater than 17.4
    So all my aerobic base should be in Zone 2 (from what I gather in the reading)
    and will I need to redo the Aerobic Threshold test? to see if that has changed?

    and as that improves it says that I will then need to adjust the volume of Zone2 down?
    Could you help explain that.

    Thank you both.

    I always head out with a full running vest. It’s always been part of my training. I have always worn minimum 8-10pounds. I didn’t realise we weren’t really suppose to be carrying that weight until this training week. I’m sorry. So for this weeks weighted hike. Do I add an extra 10 pounds?

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    It sounds like you did a great job on your anaerobic threshold test. Your AnT and AeT is about 15% difference which as you calculated is over that 10% difference we are aiming for to be aerobically efficient. You are correct in your reading, that you aerobic work should still be in Zone 2. You could re-test your AeT but if you have been training this way only in the last 10 weeks I would not expect there to be a huge difference. When you see a difference of 10% between AeT and AnT you will want most of your aerobic training to be in Zone 1, as Zone 2 will become muscularly quite taxing and Zone 1 will be a faster pace than it probably is today. A good question to ask yourself is this: What does it feel like to train at or right around 150bpm every day? Do you feel recovered in about 12hrs? Are your legs rested? If you answer YES you are training at the right heart rate. If 150bpm becomes taxing, and hard to recover from try training at or below 135bpm and see if that helps your recovery time. Does that make sense?

    As for your weighted pack hike, add 5-8lbs to your weight already, see how that feels. If it feels good add a little more 🙂

    Piedad Barillas-Bird on #64420

    Wicked Thanks Maya! in and around 15o for aerobic is perfect at the moment with everything you had just written. Cheers!

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