Anaerobic Threshold and AMS Correlation?

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    I read your book over 2-years ago and have had great success. I found that moving up mountains while staying in Zone 1 (after loads of Z1 training) meant I could move all day without any AMS and had good strength and endurance (again from your program). I took my family to climb Grand Teton with Exum Guides in August and we climbed at a pace that kept me within my Zone 1 but my stepson went into Zone 2 and 3 during the climb. He got AMS at the lower saddle, around 11500. We proceeded the next day without him to a satellite peak but didn’t go all the way because we didn’t want to leave him alone too long. I felt strong and had no AMS symptoms up to about 13k. I went back to GT to complete the climb without my family in September and in a race against a forecasted storm went to the summit of Grand Teton in 6-hours. I was nearly redlined the entire way, staying in Zone 3 for much of the climbing and although I was able to complete the climb I had symptoms of AMS at about 11500.

    My question based upon this observation and experience. Is the onset of AMS symptoms a function of passing our AT? In other words, if we climb in Zone 1 the entire time can we avoid AMS. If we pass our AT do we increase the chances of AMS? Appreciate you guys! Thanks.

    Dan Kasabian

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