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    I’m messing around with som mathematical functions to try and describe the fatiguing curve for athletes. The end goal is to have an algorithm to predict aerobic and anaerobic thresholds given 2 tests. For this I need some data. If someone would like to help me, that would be greatly appreciated. Here is and example of what I would like:

    Two maximal runs. Say 1000 m and 5000 m with their times.
    Lab test or other of threshold speeds. Lactate test maybe.

    It could be other distances, I just need the distance and time of two different maximal test and a lab test value for each threshold to compare my model with.

    I hope someone can help me. Thank you!

    (There is an excel file you can write your data into, anonymously)

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    If you don’t require a lab test, I would be happy to help with the maximal runs.

    I have a very good idea where my AeT is, AnT should be in a range of 5bpm. DF Alpha1 works really good for me and I can provide these values for both runs instead if you like.

    Just out of curiosity, how are you trying to do this? Simple regression?

    I might have something for you:–sjG-y2p

    It’s in German but maybe translation works here.


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