AeT test using Hear Rate Drift. Am I doing this right?

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    Hi guys, thanks in advance for any help and contributions.

    Based on ventilation and talking I previously thought my AeT was somewhere around 147-152. I’ve been doing the AeT test as described (I’m pretty certain) using the decoupling metric on TP and I’ve had 3 goes at it during the last week:

    @145bpm Pa:HR 0.84%

    @150bpm Pa:HR 0.23%

    @155bpm Pa:HR 1.75%

    At 145bpm I was pretty happy to see that I’d blitzed it.

    At 150bpm I felt as though I could breathe through my nose but didn’t think it felt like “an easy pace”but definitely sustainable for a long period. Breathing was easy throughout. I was surprised to see the result.

    At 155bpm I would have been struggling to to breathe through my nose even if I wasn’t a little congested and having a conversation would have been difficult. I did settle into it a bit after the first 20-30mins though. The pace also didn’t feel sustainable for much longer than the 1hr test – I may have been able to push out a half marathon. Maybe. My hamstrings were starting to tighten and my legs were starting to fatigue in general.

    Leading up to these tests I have been doing nothing but aerobic base training (<145bpm) for a few months with really good results in improved pace at a low HR and increased training volume with no issues.

    My question is: Does this test simply not work for some people? Or is it more likely that my AeT is higher than I thought and that I have so much work to do on my endurance and strength in my legs that this felt harder than it should?

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    Anonymous on #44045

    Have you done the anaerobic threshold test?

    Aerobic Self-Assessment for Mountain Athletes

    That will put your AeT tests in the proper perspective.

    Ruck-Steady on #44052

    No I haven’t, I was going to do that next afterwards. I’ll do that and report back. Thanks Scott.

    DaveB on #44261

    I’ve had a very similar experience, I was finally just able to get my Pa:Hr to pass 5% last week (outside test) by trying to keep my HR just slightly above 160 (averaged 162 for whole run). So, I’m guessing my HR to keep Pa:Hr <5% is probably 158-160 (this was first run day after a recovery week, btw).

    While I could have continued past the hour mark pretty easily, it was still a pretty tough run and one that I don’t think I could repeat day after day. But, I am also a relatively new runner…

    I’ve been doing a lot of (what I thought was) Z2 running and hiking but more going by feel of “easy” and something I could do day after day, which usually means an HR around 145.I just tested my AnT today and ended up with 180 bpm, for context, so I technically am still in the ADS range.

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