AeT Progression (so far)

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    Al B


    I’ve compiled my AET paces for the last ten weeks and posted them below. I’ve been helped by these types of posts in the past and hope that some of you find the progression interesting.

    For the first few weeks I estimated my AeT to be around 140 before I settled on 145 by the middle end of July. There was a lot of walking early on.

    1. 30 miles (8:45 hours) AeT~15:00+
    2. 60m (17:45) AeT~12:40 (includes hiking getaway)
    3. 38 m (9:20) AeT~11:50
    4. 37m (8:45) Aet~11:10
    5. 27m (5:15) AeT~10:55
    6. 35m (11:00) AeT~11:30 (Hiking wk.No real running)
    7. 41m (8:30) AeT~10:20
    8. 26m (4:40) AeT~10:30 (sick)
    9. 26 (4:30) AeT~10:10
    10. 29 (5:00) AeT~10:00 (10:50@HR135)
    11. 39 (7:20) AeT~9:40 (10:20@HR135)

    All times are approximate and AeT paces ranged quite a bit over a given week (+/- 45 sec). I estimated the AeT paces from one or two of the better runs during the week.

    I didn’t miss too many days and just tried to train consistently (I didn’t start really planning until I knocked the exuberance out of my system). I did get run down at the middle/end of August and backed off the long runs for a couple of weeks but I’m still pretty happy with the long term trend.

    If anyone else is willing to share …?

    Thanks for reading.

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    Rachel on #28708

    I like to track my progress with Strava segments. One in particular I have data for since last October so it shows my progress since I began training almost a year ago. The segment is .53 miles, 240 feet of gain, average grade is 8%. These are hiking only, with no running. The most recent one was three days after my trail marathon so I was taking it easy.

    I have noticed I can hike at a much faster clip uphill now than when I started (I was constantly having to walk in slo-mo last year!) and also now I can jog under AeT on flat, downhill, and sometimes even on gentle uphills.

    Date            Pace            Avg HR          Time
    Sep 17, 2019	19:53/mi	117bpm		10:38
    Mar 31, 2019	20:24/mi	129bpm		10:55
    Nov 25, 2018	26:12/mi	131bpm		14:01
    Oct 15, 2018	29:41/mi	125bpm		15:53
    briguy on #28712

    That’s a nice progression and congrats on the improvement. I have to be careful with “chasing” progress like that myself though as I have to try to remember that race results are the best measure of progression. Still it’s fun to see improvement like that. Hopefully all of those were in similar conditions and on similar (or ideally) same courses.

    One way I like to check progress is with Joe Friel’s “ramp tests.” Here is the link I have but I don’t think it’s live anymore?

    Al B on #28762

    Hi Rachelp – that’s some crazy good progress. Do you have any sense of how much time you were putting in every week to get there?

    Rachel on #28941

    I’ve averaged almost 11 hours a week since Oct 1st last year. It feels like slow progress but now that I’ve done my training plan for almost year I finally feel like I’m not always going at a crawl. Now to work on improving my running form…

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