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    So just finished reading the book and have been just roughly guessing where my Zone 1/2 rates are but want to perform testing to real dial it in. I don’t have training peaks so I am wondering if I should perform the heart rate drift test or the nose breathing treadmill assessment? I’ve seen a couple links posted for the DIY: Treadmill Aerobic Threshold Test but on all the pages when I click the link its a 404 Page not found. I was curious if there was another link or step by step AeT treadmill testing? Thanks!

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    Anonymous on #41737

    You have a few options:

    1. Sign up for a Basic account at Training Peaks, do the test, make the workout public, and post the link in this thread. Then I can look at the test and comment; or
    2. Upload the workout file to this calculator that one of forum visitors built:

    Don’t do the nose breathing test. It’s reliable for athletes with a long training history and a big base, but we found that less-experienced athletes (especially with ADS) can nose breathe above AeT. So we recommend the drift test in its stead.

    Here’s a description of the AeT and AnT DIY tests:

    Lastly, can you direct me to the broken links? Thanks.

    Tyler.W.Johnson1 on #41766

    Thanks Scott I really appreciate it. Based off my MAF 180-35= 145 +5= 150 for two+ years of consistent training without injury and with improvement. Performed the test today on my treadmill
    10% grade at 5.3mph (11:19/mi) with Wahoo TickR HR monitor and Suunto 9 baro watch
    avg HR 1st half 142
    Avg HR 2nd Half 148

    Link that doesn’t function

    Indoor DIY Guide to Determining Your Aerobic Threshold: Treadmill Test

    Tyler.W.Johnson1 on #41767

    So based off this test with 148/142= 1.042 or 4.2% drift. This means I was within my aerobic threshold? Do I need to complete the test again aiming for a higher HR to closer approximate my AeT or would a safe assumption be target just over 150 and retest 4-6 weeks after continued hearty diet of Z1/Z2?

    Tyler.W.Johnson1 on #41779

    I also completed my AnT testing today with a 30min test @10% grade ~6.1mph, with an avg HR of 167. So even at an roughly estimated AeT of 152, 167-152= at 15% with ADS, which would make sense given my more recent training hx so complete the majority of my aerobic training in zone2 around the upper 140s?

    Anonymous on #41882

    Perfect! I would use 165 & 145 as AnT & AeT. That gap would be: 165 / 145 = 13.8%. (I think 150 BPM might be a touch too high right now for AeT, but I suspect you’ll be there soon.)

    Anonymous on #41883

    And thanks for the busted link. Where is that link posted?

    Tyler.W.Johnson1 on #41891

    Great! thanks for the help figuring all this out Scott I really appreciate it.

    I saw the link posted in several forum threads but this is where I had issues specifically

    Aerobic Self-Assessment for Mountain Athletes

    Links just under the nose breathing description.

    Anonymous on #41919

    Fixed! (I think.) Thanks for letting us know.

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