Aerobic Testing in Seattle, WA

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    Kyle Brundage


    I am coming for a Denali Prep course the end of January 2022 in Seattle, Washington (USA). I know many of you are in this area, so I am looking for suggestions on the best place for testing aerobic/anaerobic functions etc. Something very comprehensive to make the most out of my training for Denali in May and onwards. I see Seattle Performance Medicine offers something like this geared towards triathletes, but that is after a quick Google search. Would it be okay to do the tests 1-2 days after the Denali prep course? I think a lot if it will be spent training, not serious consecutive effort over days or weeks like a true expedition so I hope recovery won’t hamper the results. Also, I don’t know if I need one yet but if there are any bootfitters you all suggest would be good to know – Kuwait definitely does not have them!


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