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Aerobic Maintenance

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    I have just spent the entire spring and summer working as a ranger doing purely aerobic work all day long, 4 or so times a week. Due to the remote area and limited climbing opportunities, my technical skills and strength have diminished as a result. I am looking to bring those back up to par. My question is this – How should I quantify/calculate the amount of aerobic work needed to maintain what I have gained this summer but allow for me to focus on other attributes?


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    TerryLui on #27127

    If I recall correctly, I believe 1 to 2 long hikes/aerobic workouts per week can help with such maintenance. Of course “long” is going to be relative to the volume you’ve been doing thus far.

    Anonymous on #27197

    What Terry said.

    How many hours per week were you active? And at what intensity? In general, you can probably drop back to 75% of that volume and not notice any loss in fitness.

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