Advice on home blood lactate test (Lactate Pro 2)

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    Hi Folks,

    Hope you are all keeping well.

    I completed my first blood lactate test today using the Lactate Pro 2 based on the recommendations in Training for the Uphill Athlete and this forum. I got some unexpected results which makes me think that I didn’t complete the test correctly. I was hoping that maybe somebody could give me some advice on the results?

    I used to cycle but I was involved in a accident so I started running in the late last year (haven’t been running for very long). I’ve been focusing on Z2 training for about 5 months now but I had ADS when I first started so I’m still on the slow side.

    Details of the test are as follows:
    I’m 44 year old
    I had assistance with the test (brother) to take the samples
    Treadmill set to 5% incline with 10 min warmup
    Increased my speed by 0.5km every 5 min (to give enough time to reach equilibrium between tests)
    My resting lactate was 1.8 mMol/L
    Graph Pic attached and details of results below

    Observations from the test:
    I didn’t feel great today and my HR raised a lot quicker then normal, not sure of this was white coat syndrome
    Felt my resting lactate was higher then I expected, would 1.8 be normal for resting? It was morning time and I was fasted
    Don’t think i warmed up enough on started testing too quickly?

    I’m not sure if these results look correct for working out my current AeT? My HR usually wouldn’t raise this fast day to day so not sure if this is reliable data. I seemed to drop to 2mMol at around 145bmp but I was on the high side before then?

    Any recommendations/advice would be greatly appreciated.

    T/Min Speed HR BLC
    0 0 1.8
    10 6 119 2.5
    15 6.5 125 2.4
    20 7 130 2.3
    25 7.5 135 2.7
    30 8 141 2.5
    35 8.5 145 2
    40 9 150 1.9
    45 9.5 154 2.3
    50 10 156 3.6

    Thanks and kind regards,

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    PeteDub on #69396

    Apologies, looks like the table didn’t format correct when I posted…Graph pic also attached in original post.


    Reed on #69477

    A 10-minute warmup seems pretty quick, and could be the reason for what looks like elevated blood lactate at lower intensities. The dip to 1.9mmol/L at 150bpm is a nice data point. If you can, I’d suggest redoing the test – start out with very gradual 20-30 minute warmup, and then jump right in at 7km/h or so. I’ve also generally found 3-minute segments to be sufficient.

    PeteDub on #69484

    Hi Reed,

    Thanks very much for taking the time to review my post. The 10 min warmup kind of happened by accident as we intended to do some earlier testing to get used to the monitor but ended up progressing from there. Based on your feedback, i did a quick test today were I set the treadmill to 7%, did a 30 min warmup keeping HR between early to mid 120’s and slowly ramped up to a steady 142hr. I jumped off and tested at 1.6mmol/L so the extended warmup definitely made a big difference. I’m going to run the ramp test again at the weekend.

    Thanks again for your help with this, really appreciate it.

    Kind regards,

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