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    Hi, I just recently started structured training. I have been doing a lot of base work “running” yesterday I went to go for a quick ski tour though and found I was unable to keep my heart rate below my AET without completely stopping every couple steps. Running I can decrease my pace enough to maintain my target heart rate but on a steep skin track it was impossible to maintain. What advice do you guys have? Do I need to just do more flat training and running to build my aerobic base before touring?

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    Dada on #61818

    Normally, it takes 2-3 tours for your body to adopt to ski touring at the beginning of the season. Afterwards, your HR should settle in. And the AeT could be different for different activities.


    brianbauer on #61876

    in running you are normally using 1 muscle group: your legs
    in skiing you are calling a second muscle group into action: your arms

    in skiing, your heart needs to service 2 muscle groups instead of 1. this will take a little bit of time to adjust to.

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