Adductor, hamstring and front hips overload

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    Hello everyone!
    Diego 50 years old.
    I had to run my first Ultra of 65 km 2500 d+
    On 29 May 2021 After months of getting ready, my coach decided to step up my workouts even though I told him my legs hurt and I felt tired. In the end I didn’t run it because I got a groin with overload on the adductors, hamstring and front of the hips. Since then I have never stopped completely but have only done runs of no more than 10 km aerobic and strengthening the muscles involved once a week. To date, even if I have improved a little, the problem is still present especially in the post muscle strengthening. I am left with a pain equal to the doms for 5 days in the adductors and hamstrings in the upper part near the buttocks. Can you tell me why after all this time still does not pass me? Do you have any advice for me? I have already gone to the physiotherapist and he recommended muscle strengthening.

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    Thomas Summer, MD on #58181

    Hi Diego!

    Sounds like you were getting a bit into overtraining. And then, this is probably the most important sentence you wrote: “Since then I have never stopped completely…” Most of the time it’s better to stop early and give your body some time to rest. Especially if you were not able to run the race.
    My advice would be to stop running now for a bit. And do the strengthening that the physiotherapist recommended.
    Then start slowly with running again. But only when you are pain-free and you don’t feel anything while running!
    Do you feel any pain while cycling? You could do that as an alternative endurance training.
    BUT focus on getting healthy!!! Then you can get back into shape!

    By the way: What does your coach recommend?;-)

    get well soon and
    stay relaxed in the meantime;-)

    Diego on #58184

    Hello @THOMAS-ESTATE !
    I think I too have gone into overload. It’s true, I never stopped completely but I greatly reduced the volumes and even more the intensity. Basically I am only running under AeT for short distances. I have no pain during running or muscle strengthening but only in the post. Especially after the reinforcement, the doms-like pain remains in me for 5 days. How do you explain this? The bicycle is the one that gives me less problems in the post and in fact I use it. My coach hasn’t been heard anymore and I don’t want to hear from him anymore. He didn’t listen to me and said that those things had to be done to get prepared for the day of the race and that the signals I had were just tiredness. I gave him carte blanche but now I realized I was wrong. But I didn’t think it would take that long to get out of it. A thousand thanks!

    Diego on #58185


    Diego on #58186


    Thomas Summer, MD on #58207

    I would interpret the doms-like pain as a sign that you are still not really recovered.
    How does the strength training, that you do, look like?
    My recommendation is still the same.
    Focus on recovery and getting strong and healthy!


    Diego on #58210

    The reinforcement jobs that I mainly do are:
    legs and buttocks:
    bridge, box step, one-leg sit to stand, squats, front lunges.
    core: various positions of the plank (I alternate them between one week and another in concentric)
    adductors: I am attaching a photo of the exercise that he told me to do the physiotherapist maintaining the position for 30″ 10 times in isometry(this is the exercise that leaves me pain for several days not only in the adductors but also at the insertion of the hamstrings especially at the muscle just next to the adductor, if I’m not mistaken the semimebranosus).

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    Thomas Summer, MD on #58219

    Those are some tough exercises. If they give you pain you should tell your physio. And then you have to figure out other (not so hard) exercises together. Better to start low and build up continuously, than start high and work backward.
    Don’t push the endurance training at the moment (I saw your other post). Focus on getting fit and healthy first!

    Diego on #58221

    Thanks Thomas!
    I had already talked to him about the photo exercise and he told me to put on the knee instead of the foot and so I did.
    I’ll ask him for lighter exercises then.
    Thank you!

    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #63080

    Your symptoms are somewhat surprising. Anytime I hear buttock pain in a runner I am thinking about screening for a back/nerve condition… This is quite common. You could have an unrecognized spine injury referring to the lower extremities, worth considering as its odd that you get pain 5 days post activity.

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