8-week Mountaineering Training Plan

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    Randy V.

    I recently purchased the subject training plan, which seemed like a good fit for me because I haven’t been on any type of serious exercise program for over a year. My goal is to get into condition for various alpine scrambles where I live here in Washington state, and advance to bigger climbs from there. So, a couple of questions about the plan:

    1. In the fourth week, the Mountaineering Max Strength workout is added on Thursday, in addition to the Aerobic Base Run/Hike that is also scheduled on that day. Is that correct? If so, do you recommend doing the Aerobic first, or the Strength first?

    2. Why is the Mountaineering Max Strength workout scheduled on two days during the fifth week, but only on one day per week for the rest of the program? (Just curious…)

    3. I’m pretty out-of-shape, so I’m anticipating that I will have progressed to only Level B of Scott’s Killer Core Routine by the end of the fourth week. Do you recommend continuing on with the plan at that point anyway, and then cycling back through it until progressing to Level D?


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    Shashi on #63622

    resolved over email. Training Plan has been updated by Scott now.

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