24 weeks expeditionary mountaineering plan – a curiosity

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    I’m currently training with your 24 week plan.

    In the description you say:
    “This is an ideal plan is for those who have a goal of maximizing their chances of success on a big expeditionary peak such as Denali or Everest. This would also be an ideal plan for an experienced mountaineer with a good base of endurance to use in preparing for the most difficult 8,000ers such as K2 and Makalu.”

    Now, while I enjoy very much your plan and sticking to it, my goal do not include such big mountains and I’m training for getting faster and better in my local mountains (max is Ortler 3905m/12811ft , already climbed by the way), and I see myself to climb at best Mont Blanc 4808m/15774ft in the near future.

    So I’m asking: what do you consider to be an “experienced mountaineer with a good base of endurance” that can become, for example, “K2 worthy” by training with your plan?

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    Anonymous on #29224

    As an experienced mountaineer you know that there is no such thing as being too fit for any mountain climb. This plan is our best for improving general mountaineering fitness for ANY mountaineering goal.


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