2 questions – Cross training and running for hike days?

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    I’m using the intermediate plan – and I’m training for the Leadville Marathon and was curious if instead of the hike I could do a run with more vertical so I would be hiking up/ running down? (though most hikes here require snowshoes right now anyway so I’m not sure I can realistically run much downhill anyway right now!)

    I’m also curious about cross training. I love XC skiing – both backcountry and groomed trails and I know that “technically” in the training plan it says we can ski for our aerobic days, but I’m having a tough time convincing myself thats okay since my goal is running. Would I be doing my race training a disservice by skiing instead maybe once a week?

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    Great question! The reason we have a hike in every week or a ski is just to make sure your joints and limbs get a bit of a break from running almost everyday. I think hiking uphills and jogging downhills for your goal sounds good. You have to listen to your body, maybe you do the longer hike day as a run and do a shorter run day as a hike just to break it up a bit.

    As for skiing it is great cross training! Again, I would listen to your body and maybe put that in once a week. Instead of a hike you could ski or do a shorter day skiing. Of course you are going to want running as the majority of your training so you don’t de-train you running fitness. Hiking and skiing will keep your aerobic fitness up though so don’t be afraid to do one of those activists once a week.

    I hope that helps!

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    Now the skiing days, are those uphill/skinning days or does that include down hill work too?

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    For skinning and ski days you should include both uphill and downhill for total time.

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