is an incredibly powerful tool for planning and monitoring your training. We’ve been using it since 2012 and the longer we use it, the more impressed we have become. At this point we simply can’t imagine training without this tool. It is simply light-years better than using a spreadsheet-as-training-plan.

TrainingPeaks was originally developed by professional cyclists and their coaches who needed to analyze not only the effect of each workout, but the cumulative effect of days, weeks, and months of workouts. Even with the simple basic (and free) version of TrainingPeaks, this monitoring is possible.

In this video, Steve House takes you on a tour of the highlights of using the Performance Management Chart within TrainingPeaks. Understanding the basics of the PMC is important to staying on top of your training, fatigue, and recovery.

For more information, here is TrainingPeaks’ video about the PMC.

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