Trail Running: CCC 100 Kilometer


Run your strongest 100 km mountain race

Rise to the elevation challenges of the 100 km CCC race with our mountain running-focused training plan.

This 20-week trail running plan is designed for the demands of the 62-mile (100km) and 20,000 ft (6100m) CCC race or a similarly profiled 100-kilometer mountain race. The plan begins with specific hill sprints to build strength and durability before transitioning to 10 weeks of muscular endurance. The muscular endurance workouts are crucial to ensure your legs are ready for the demands of climbing and descending in the race. You begin the plan with two rest days but work into six days of running. In the later part of the plan, you will start the functional runner routine that focuses on mobility, range of motion and specific strength for runners.

Along with these key workouts, the weekends are designed with a gradual progression of mileage and elevation gain and descent based on the elevation profile of the race. There are also notes on incorporating night running, pole use and mandatory kit. This plan follows the traditional four week cycle of a three week build to one consolidation week to absorb the training. The peak week tops out with a 41-mile (66km) week with over 13,000 ft (4000m) of elevation gain and descent. The plan culminates in a two-week taper to get you well rested for the big day.

Enjoy your training and be sure to tag @uphill_athlete with your training pictures and videos.

This plan is based on your RPE, or “Rate of Perceived Exertion,” where workout intensities are guided by how hard you are working based on your perception of effort (how hard the workout feels to you) rather than by heart rate. This plan is an adapted option for those who want to learn to calibrate their true effort levels in their workouts.

Whether you use an RPE-based or heart rate-based training plan, we recommend that you use a chest-strap heart rate monitor and GPS watch to log all your training.

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*Apple Watch syncing is currently not supported for RPE plans.

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Take on the challenging CCC or any mountainous 100 km race.

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A plan built by mountain runners, for mountain runners

Stay consistent with your training and make sure to prioritize the long runs and practicing with the gear you will use for the race. Rest when you are tired, and focus on good-quality workouts. You will see great benefits.

This plan is designed for runners who are comfortably running 25-35 miles a week and have experience with ultras. If you need to increase your base fitness, we recommend our Intro to Ultra Marathons Training Plan.

If you are looking to move to the 100 mile distance, check out our Big Vert plan or the UTMB 100 mile plan which works well for any mountainous 100 miler.

While it is ideal to use similar terrain, this plan can be adjusted for those who live in flat areas with the use of incline treadmills, stair master or box step ups.
Pay particular attention to the run sequence on the weekends to develop your multi-day strength. The three-day series of progressively longer runs will help you build durability and endurance. This will also help you develop proper fueling strategies and test your gear out for your event. Do not skimp on the hip mobility and strength as that work is the foundation for staying healthy and consistent.

If it is possible to have access to a gym, that is useful especially if you do not have easy access to hilly terrain. If not, a box for step-ups, a weight vest and dumbbells is sufficient.

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