The Female Uphill Athlete Training Group

Our Female Uphill Athlete Training Group is undergoing a major remodel.

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 On break for summer.

Fall 2022

Week 0: 26 September – Registration closed

27 September, Introductory Video Call for new FUA members at 11am Pacific/12pm Mountain Time


Week 1: October 3 – Training starts

First Tuesday Video Call on October 4, at 11am Pacific/12pm Mountain Time

Week 12: December 19 – Last Week of Training

Fall 2022

What’s New?

New members-only area of our website for improved user experience.

New how-to videos to refer to any time, from anywhere.

New progress videos to benchmark your progress and help you to better understand the process of training.

Live lectures re-vamped into a comprehensive curriculum.

Curriculum evolves through the year.

All past video lessons neatly organized and indexed.

Guest Coach speakers.

Guest Athlete speakers.

A dedicated athlete success person.

Free neck gaiter!

WhatsApp group for a more social connection. (participation

We are striving for continuous improvement and always value your feedback!



Any female athlete who desires a trusted coaching and training resource tailored for them. 

Any outdoor athlete who loves being active, whether it’s running, hiking, mountaineering, skiing, or climbing and who wants to be confident in their ability to reach their goals.  

Any woman who has ever felt frustrated by training approaches that were not modified for the female physiology.

Any woman who has felt like a minority in her favorite mountain sport looking for a community of like minded peers.

Any woman who has ever felt guilty about taking a rest day. 

Any woman who has ever felt self-critical for not feeling as strong as she thinks she should be.

Any woman who has had awkward conversations about adapting to their needs as a female athlete. 

Any woman who has felt isolated and who desires a supportive community to share ideas for training or practicing their mountain sport while dealing with women-specific challenges.

Women who would classify as beginner or intermediate level athletes. Professional and serious-amateur level athletes may not be suitably challenged.


Access to industry-leading Uphill Athlete coaching methodology and coaching. Currently, Uphill Athlete’s one-on-one coaching programs are sold-out and running a waitlist. The Female Uphill Athlete Group is an opportunity to gain access to the Uphill Athlete training methodology through its female coaches. Collectively Carolyn and Maya have decades of coaching experience along with being athletes themselves and are passionate about serving an all-female group.

12-weeks of progressive training workouts designed to get you fit for outdoor sports by Uphill Athlete coaches Carolyn Parker and Maya Seckinger, so you can start where you are and move confidently towards your goals and finally have a clear path to climb that mountain, run that race or do that skiing or climbing adventure.  

Daily training plan with endurance and strength workouts scaled to your level of fitness with detailed descriptions. The workouts will be written by women for women and will include suggested supportive modalities on recovery days, so you know what to do every day without having to think about it. 

A private all-female community, delivered through Zoom and a private Forum Page on the Uphill Athlete website so that you have a safe space to share your experience, receive support and feel inspired to stick with your training through the inevitable ups and downs of family, work and life.

Bi-monthly live group coaching calls with the coaches on Zoom, so you get all your questions answered and receive additional support with your training from Carolyn and Maya.  The recordings of the calls will be catalogued and available for you to watch anytime.

Access to over 120 exercise and mobility video demonstrations filmed by and for women, so you have easy reference at your fingertips and can prevent injury and enjoy your workouts more.

Premium Training Peaks Membership ($60 value): Training Peaks is the software used by Uphill Athlete to deliver the training workouts and schedule to your calendar.  The premium membership also allows you to easily synch your heart rate and workout data from your watch, so your training data is tracked automatically.


100% confidence in your ability to train for, prepare and achieve the best fitness level you’re capable of for your objective or race.

You’ll have the best shot to achieve your goals because you will be trained by Uphill Athlete coaches who have prepared hundreds of women to climb the highest mountains and completed some of the most challenging races in the world.

Learn to skillfully apply strategies and modifications that will allow you to adapt any mountain training for your fitness level,  body type, monthly cycle, hormonal changes or post-baby, as well as tips for multi-day adventures in the backcountry.

Join a strong community of like-minded women and female-identifying athletes. 

You may surprise yourself by going longer or higher when you surround yourself with inspiring coaches and a supportive community.


About Carolyn Parker:
Carolyn is a life-long climber and certified mountain guide who has made the successful transition into full time coaching work. The focus of her work and life is to engage and support others in activities that create positive self change, inspire, build confidence and motivation. 
In 1990, she created her first business, Women’s Mountain Biking Clinics, then went on to guide for Chicks Climbing in the late 90s, created Climb like a Girl ~ Women’s Rock and Ice climbing clinics in the early 2000’s and continues to support women running the Ripple Effect Gym in Carbondale, CO, one of the few fully women owned and operated strength conditioning facilities for mountain athletes in the US.

About Maya Seckinger: 
Maya has been a competitive cross-country skier for the past 15 years, racing on the local, collegiate and national circuits. For the last nine of those years, she trained under Scott Johnston. Maya has lived and breathed the Uphill Athlete training methods and theory as both an athlete and a coach. She has worked for Uphill Athlete as a coach since 2016 and was Uphill Athlete’s first employee. She works with clients of all levels, from Everest to helping people get back to training after injury or lengthy lay-offs. Maya is personable, detail-oriented, and fun to work with. 
Maya has always enjoyed working with women helping them fit training into their incredibly busy lives and helping them feel good about their bodies and fitness. She is continually impressed by women’s mental toughness and ability to have a positive attitude no-matter the training circumstances. 

About Uphill Athlete:
Uphill Athlete sets the standard for the most effective training method for mountain sports. Founded by Steve House and Scott Johnston, authors of acclaimed “Training for the New Alpinism” and “Training for the Uphill Athlete” books and training manuals, the company has coached thousands of amateur and professional mountain athletes of different ages and abilities to climb the world’s highest peaks and complete some of the most challenging mountain races and trips.