Zoom recordings?

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    Bjorn Bellenbaum

    Hi! Are there more zoom recordings? The home page only has one of the first meeting… which I happened to be on :). Thanks!

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    Saadia Sharjeel on #71371

    I was also looking for other Zoom recordings. Only one has been uploaded so far.

    Anonymous on #71374

    The second Zoom link should be uploaded in the next 24 hours or so!

    Cory from Wisconsin on #71392

    I love the idea of the Zoom being embedded and easy to play from the community page. However you know the type of personalities you are coaching, so a quick post in the forum after the recording for those that don’t want to wait 72 hr to see the content could also be helpful 😉

    And by the way, as someone who has to rely on others to make web updates on my behalf, 3 days to post an update is very reasonable. So please forgive us who are champing at the bit for the content.

    Tobias on #71411

    Is the link to the second video working for you? I get an unauthorized and would like to have it on my iPad to watch while on a train.

    Bjorn Bellenbaum on #71412

    Yeah, same here, looks like that link is broken!?

    Tobias on #71424

    Not broken as video, but has the wrong security settings.

    Postle: I think the Q&A would also be a nice thing to record, even after the hour. As it is a recording, it mostly doesn’t matter how long it is.

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