Bi-Monthly Zoom Meeting Dates

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    Hello All,

    For anyone who is confused. There is NO zoom meeting today. We have had an issue with our zoom links since our first call and are still experiencing some glitches. I want to apologize for any of the confusion and we are working hard to try and fix the issue. Just to be clear the zoom meetings going forward are on these dates at the same time:

    January 25th
    February 8th
    February 22nd
    March 8th
    March 22nd

    Thanks for your understanding!

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    pahlkemom1 on #62309

    Thanks Maya! Did I miss one last week?

    Coach on #62328

    Yes we had a meeting last week, it is uploaded to the google drive!

    katem on #62536

    Can you please share the correct zoom link again? Thanks!

    Coach on #62537

    Yes! Here is the link:

    hdrop on #62542

    Hi there, is anyone able to access the zoom meeting? I used the link above here but it doesn’t seem to be working.

    pahlkemom1 on #62543

    I can’t get on the meeting. It says that the host will let me in soon and I have been waiting for 15 minutes. Help, this is so frustrating.

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