Zone 4 Interval Sessions in 16 Week Training Plan

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    I have a question about the times listed in the 16 Week Training Plan for the Zone 4 intervals. Week one is listed as taking 1:30, week two is listed as taking 1:45 but as far as I can tell, they are the exact same workout? Beyond just getting the nice little green indicator on the calendar (every little bit of inspiration helps!), I am concerned I am missing something?

    Same issue for the Skimo Max Strength workouts but the opposite direction – you slowly increase the number of sets per week but still have the same allotted time for the whole workout – again, am I missing something?


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    On the Z4 interval days: When done with the intervals finish the workout with easy Z1 till the allotted time.

    On the Max Strength. I’ve not been careful with the time of the strength workouts because some people rush through these in under an hour and others take over 2 hours. Time is not a good measure of strength training. Just do the prescribed sets and reps and forget the time on the strength workouts.


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