Zone 3 Training Time for a Technical Objective

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    Zach Wahrer

    Just hit week 5 of base period, and I’m a bit confused as to how much time I should be spending in zone 3. For a technical objective, the book says do 20% of your weekly volume (in week 5-7) as zone 3, but then the following chart says 2% of your overall time should be in zone 3. Does that mean I should be doing a zone 1-3 workout that lasts 20% of the time, with 2% of the overall time in zone 3 and the rest in zone 1?

    I know zone 3 training is very beneficial, I’m just trying to make sure I don’t overdue it in this critical point of my training. Thanks for the help!

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    Anonymous on #4281

    Good catch, Zach. I hadn’t noticed that difference in the text versus the diagram.

    It’s best if Scott or Steve comment on that, but my guess is that maybe the diagram wasn’t updated when the text was.

    Anonymous on #4283


    TYPO that got through the editing process. Notice that the big difference between the technical and mountaineering plans is the addition of climbing to the tech plan. Something has to give when you add climbing in and it is the Z3 work. Your climbing especially approaches with a pack will substitute for this higher intensity. Sorry it was confusing.


    Zach Wahrer on #4336

    That was what I was guessing, but wasn’t sure. Thanks for the response and for clearing things up!

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