Zone 3 hill workout in 24 week plan

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    In the description of STEEP Uphill Hike Zone 3 workout in the 24 weeks plan it says:

    “Hike as steeply uphill as you can find locally. 20’easy warm up, then: 20min @ HR= AeT/MAF plus 10-15bpm 40′ easy”

    What does easy mean ? Stay at AeT/MAF or lower than AeT/MAF (if so like what)


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    Anonymous on #9314

    I’m not familiar with the plan specifics, but judging from the description, I think it mean 10-15 bpm above MAF pace.

    Anonymous on #9315

    Ack. My mistake. Now I see what you mean. There’s a bpm for the middle section, but not the final 40’.

    I usually interpret “easy” as MAF-ish, but I’ll let Scott J. confirm.

    Anonymous on #9321

    Sorry this is confusing.

    The main workout is specified by HR of 10 to 15 beats above Aerobic Threshold so Z3 intensity or a fairly hard effort.

    The easy warm up is to get you prepared for the workout. Easy means Z1 type intensity. The perception should be easy effort. Same for the 40 min easy at the end…..Z1.

    I hope Z1 feels easy to you. Z2 should feel moderate, Z3 should feel hard, Z4 should feel very hard and Z5 should feel maximum.

    In the low aerobic zones it is really quite arbitrary to parse the difference between low Z2 and high Z1. I say easy because I do not want you to feel tired when you get to the meat of the workout. After the workout it should feel good to just go easy again.


    madanyang on #9331

    Thanks for the clarification Scott. Yes Z1 feels easy for me and now I understand the definition of easy in terms of zones

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