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    Hi guys,

    I was researching a lot but found different definitions of Inigo San Millan’s zones. I found the following definitions for the top of Z2:
    – VT1
    – LT1
    – Fatmax
    – Fat% = Carbs%
    – 75% of HRmax
    – dfAlpha = 0.75

    Based on my values, that makes totally different zones.

    Does anyone know the correct definition of Millan’s zones? Maybe with a source?


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    Eddie on #60362

    Hi Dada,

    I’ve only heard Iñigo on the “Peter Attia Drive” and “That Triathlon Show” podcasts where he defines the first inflection point in a lactate curve (with 10 minute stages) as the top of zone 2. It’s not clear to me if he meant it as the first rise in lactate or in a more mathematical sense (where the curvature changes signs). Perhaps the former, much like how Alan Couzens defines AeT?

    Dada on #60725

    Thx Eddie!

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