Zone 2 and ADS – Should I Run Trails, or no?

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    I’ve recently discovered that I am Aerobically Deficient, so I’ve set out to build my aerobic base by doing almost all my training in Zones 1 & 2. After about 2 months of base training, my AeT is approximately 136.

    The trouble is, I live in an area with excellent trail running and a lot of vert. I basically have to walk all uphills in order to keep within my aerobic threshold. Should I keep avoiding trails and sustained hills until my AeT increases, or should I train on trails too, but run VERY slowly? It feels really frustrating not to be able to run the great trails I have nearby. Any advice would be welcomed. Thanks!

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    For what it is worth: I do lots of slow hiking on uphill trails followed by downhill running, or alternatively running and hiking on rolling trails. My feeling is it is totally fine for Z1/2 training effect but does reduce my running economy on the flats. For most of my goals I am only running downhill (non-race off trail mountain exploring summer foot and winter ski) so my flat and gentle uphill running economy does not feel like my limiter. However, if I was more race/running oriented I would spend more time making sure I am road running at Z1/2 plus strides etc to get my economy up.

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