Zone 1 or 2 immediately after Strength Training

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    I am a reader of TftNA and putting together my first official periodization plan for mountaineering pursuits. I have some endurance experience but never in a structured training plan and most of my adult life I have been following more Bodybuilding/Hypertrophy lifestyle.

    My question is: will zone 1 training be diminished if I do it immediately following 60 minutes of Max Strength training? I have been monitoring my heart rate the last couple weeks during strength training and it rarely gets into Zone 2 (because the sets are so short). Will this method provide the benefit of being in a fasted state as is recommended in the book?

    The reason is because I work over night and the most convenient time to train is shortly after I wake up (around 1:30 pm, before my kids come home from school). I don’t have a way to split training into AM and PM. Also, my gym (the only one with climber training tools) closes at 12 pm on weekends, a little early for my night owl schedule.

    Thanks for any input.

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    Jane Mackay on #60660

    Carolyn said “easier upper body PT” should be fine on aerobic days, but, reading Scott’s post above, it would seem that a full-on strength session in whatever part of the body would be partially negated by the aerobic training.

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