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Z3 Weighted Hill Climb duration in 24 weeks Mountaineering Plan

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    The description of the Z3 Weighted Hill Climbs of the 24 weeks mountaineering plan says:
    “Hike up going as hard as you can maintain for 1 hour. Then hike down with the weight as well.”

    So am I correct to understand that even though the workout is 1:30 hours, it only 1 hour uphill. Secondly, this stays the same in all other Z3 Weighted Hill Climbs of the training plan, shouldn’t one increase the duration in the following weeks.


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    These stock plans we sell need to be close to a one size fits all plan. We do not know who will be buying and using the plan. We consider this the minimum workout. What is the maximum? That is the part we can’t tell you because each person will be different.

    The reason that each of these uphill weighted hikes are the same duration is that you will go farther uphill each week. So the work done will be more in the same time. You can also progress these by adding weight and using a steeper hill as well as going farther. We are trying to present a simple easy to follow approach in these plans


    madanyang on #9896

    Scott, thanks for the reply. I do understand the stock plans are designed to fit all sizes. I have raised the question because I want to understand how the planning works. I am using the stock plan as a learning tool and trying to understand and make sense of how, why when workouts are presented in the plan. This way the stock plan is helping me to fine tune my actual training plan and I would have not been able to create such a detailed plan without the use of the stock plan,if you will, as a template.

    You have mentioned in a previous post that the 24 week stock plan is based on the ideas of planning as laid out in the TFNA book.


    In the book on page 238-239 there are two examples of the weighted hill climbs and although time was not the criteria in those examples the elevation gain and the % of body weight carried has been increased.

    Yet, these two factors are not changed in the stock plan. That is why I have raised the question. The last paragraph of your answer clarifies my question. Thanks again

    axjms1 on #9918


    Don’t want to hijack your thread but I thought I would just continue the discussion if possible. I am working through the 24 week plan myself and have been pretty consistent with it. Yesterday was the first weighted hill climb and I performed the workout with 55 lbs. I was able to gain about 1700 ft of elevation in the first hour of the workout and then walked back down. One thing I noticed was that I did not feel limited by leg strength however my heart rate was pretty high at around 165 while moving up. Do I still need to add weight? I don’t see myself carrying much more than than that load but I guess it is possible. For reference I am a 43 y/o male 6’2″ 200 lbs. My AeT as tested in the start of the plan was 149. Thank you!

    madanyang on #9934

    My understanding is to get the desired outcome you have two choices either add weight or use a steeper hill. I would personally choose the second option after I reach the weight limit.


    cnikirk on #9989

    Also the training plan no longer mentions Box Step-ups. Are those still a valid way to get the elevation gains needed with the weighted pack? My only other option is a stair case that gains 150 feet that I can repeat as many times as necessary. Thanks.

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