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    I am in about week 19 of the 24 week expedition mountaineering plan.
    I am leaving for Ecuador to climb a few peaks including another attemt @ Chimoborazo in about 4 weeks.

    The Z3 weighted climbs were introduced 2 weeks ago and last evening was my third go at this workout. I have been working out at a set of concrete bleachers next to a river. Its about 40 – 7″ steps and there are 14″ high steps as bleachers seats that I also rotate in to the climbing. I just repeat over and over, up and down for the 90 mins.

    This workout was done with an 83 lb. pack, and 5lb ankle weights. 225lbs. bodyweight.

    I’m not breathing extemely hard, its mostly the average and overall HR that I am concerned with I guess. Also a little confused/concerned by my heart rate as it seems unusually high for my age (42 yrs. old – max HR 178?). Just want to make sure I am not doing anything to hinder my training progress with the trip only weeks away.

    I mean, is it possible that I need to add more weight to slow the HR down?

    I do have a somewhat long history with Crossfit, and maybe some real ADS I imagine.
    I still am not able to run/jog @ an aerobic HR, I have to run for approx. 30 sec, 35 seconds fast walk to stay in the zone. This has been slowly improving. My theshold is currently set @ 170.

    Any advise or thoughts you can offer would be great.

    Link to the workout: http://tpks.ws/UYIMUWHUP2SMVTI4FEYTRMETSU

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    bwhipple on #58802

    Edit: Just got an email, must have been a result of that last nights workout, my New Threshold Heart Rate Value has been updated to 178. This should help with my running I hope!

    MarkPostle on #58803

    @bwhipple- Youre moving some serious weight up the stairs! Yes commonly we have folks increase the weight to give more of a muscular stress than an aerobic one but I would probably not do that in your case at the moment. 83# is a pretty meaty pack even for someone who is #225. HR is very individual and you can’t compare one person to another with regards to some of these workouts. I can tell for sure from the data how “hard” you are descending but you might try taking it a bit easier on the down. As you mention you likely have some more work to do in the sub AeT aerobic capacity department but you’re working on that and your goal climbs are now 4-5 weeks away it sounds like. As long as you’re able to recover OK from the weighed ME carries and get in a decent weekly volume of sub AeT work I would keep running them as is for a few more sessions. We see good “return on investment” from this type of work. One thing I would mention is you don’t need to run these right up until you leave, a little taper off of them won’t hurt you, we see the benefits of these commonly to be fairly far reaching in the weeks following.

    bwhipple on #58811

    Thanks for the reply and reassurance Mr. Postle! Nice to hear from you.

    Also, I believe you might know one of my favorite guides of all time, Mr. Cheyenne Chaffee.
    If I remember correctly, he guides during the summers in Jackson,WY.
    Whenever I make a trip to the White Mountains of NH for some ice climbing, Cheyenne has to be my guide. Will most likely be up that way shortly after my trip to Ecuador. Small world for sure.

    Thanks again.

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