Z1 Recovery level walk/run

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    I do these on a treadmill, but have this questions: is it preferred to walk at the steepest incline or run a bit faster on a flat. All within the BPM range, of course. I assume it’s the walk uphill, but I am often wrong.

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    MarkPostle on #63836

    I would say neither is wrong RC as long as they are in the right zone but when I am layering these in amongst lots of other volume with a weighted pack carries and ME type work I like to do them “faster” on a flatter setting. I will commonly have folks that are runners use a slow running gait if they can stay in zone. I find this variance allows for slightly better recovery and leave me fresher to hit the hills when it matters.

    rcj on #63837

    This makes sense. I am still not to the weighted pack portion of the program, but once I get there I will speed these up a bit. Thanks, Mark.

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