XC Backcountry skiing?

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    Jenna Dodge

    What do we think about XC Backcountry skiing as a weekend activity in place of the “Hike”? While I’d love to get into SkiMo, it isn’t in the budget this season, nor am I trained in the safety aspects of it, but I do have a pair of XC Backcountry skis and poles, just need the boots. It’s been about 10 years since I last went XC skiing so I can’t quite remember how great of a workout it is (or not). I have a trail near my house that goes on for about 10 miles at a pretty gradual uphill/rolling up and down and I think it’d be a good place to go (plus it’s dog friendly which is a bonus) but before I invest in boots, I want to make sure I won’t be sorely disappointed. I know I can’t go up hills that would require skins for back country skiing. Is it a good Z1/Z2 training tool for winter?

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    Hello Jenna,

    I think today in Training Peaks there is a note saying that XC skiing, back country skiing and anything in-between is a great substitute for hiking and running this time of year. As long as you keep your HR under Aerobic Threshold you are good to go.

    Jenna Dodge on #62202

    Thank you! I wasn’t sure if the XC skiing suggestion was more for skate or classic. I will give it a go! I appreciate the reply. Have a great weekend!

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