Wrap up Zoom for FUA Group #3 Tuesday the 21st

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    Hello FUA’s,
    It hard to believe we are here once again! Wrapping up FUA Group 3.
    Our zoom chat will be focused on any final questions you might have, details of what’s next, programs, plans and how we can best support you.
    If you have any questions and won’t be able to attend Tuesdays zoom please feel free to post them here and we’ll make sure they are covered.
    Sending our best,
    Carolyn and Maya

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    Jane Mackay on #61081

    One more question in addtion to the ones I posted in a separate thread:

    Can you please clarify whether the TSS fudge factor takes into account both uphill and downhill vert or only uphill vert?

    I asked this in the forum a few weeks ago in response to a reply Shashi had made to someone’s question because he seemed to be saying that *total* (gain + loss) vert was used for the fudge factor. Shashi said that yes, he adds both together, so e.g. 1000m up + 1000m down = 2000m total for a fudge factor (hike with less than 10% body weight) of 60-65, rather than 30ish if you only use gain.

    The article on here though seems to very clearly state that you only take into account the gain. (https://uphillathlete.com/trainingpeaks-metrics-ctl-tss/)

    Here’s his exact reply to me:

    Shashi on November 10, 2021 at 9:06 am

    Jane – 10 TSS only when you have 300 m (1000 ft.) of elevation gain and drop.

    For some reason (taking gondola/lift down) you are not walking down then use 5 TSS for just the 300 m (1000 ft.) elevation gain.

    A trail close to my place has an elevation gain of around 900 m and I have an option to take the gondola back down. Here is how I count the fudge factors –

    No backpack, hike up, gondola down – TSS of 15

    No backpack, hike up and down – TSS of 30

    Backpack with 10% of body weight, hike up, gondola down – TSS of 30

    Backpack with 10% of body weight, hike up and down – TSS of 60

    Hope this is helpful.

    Jane Mackay on #61106

    I just realised I completely missed the final Zoom call :(( Blame perimenopause. This month I’ve been plagued with deep fatigue and brain fog (and two migraines). I’ve got hormone pills now … we’ll see if that helps.
    I’ll post this as a question in the forum.

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