Wonderland Plan – Duration or Distance

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    Hi all,

    Have been following along and just bought, and am starting next week, the Wonderland plan.

    Looking at some of the planned workouts, my question is whether the duration is more important or the distance? I’ll need to ramp up a bit if it’s duration as I’m covering the weekly miles already just not in that amount of time.

    Example: First long run – 3 hours, 12 miles, 2k ft elevation, 15min/mile.

    Hitting that duration would likely put me closer to 18-19 miles keeping pace below AeT…

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    Dada on #52999

    Definitely go for duration

    TerryLui on #53419

    Definitely go for duration


    Reed on #53576

    Consider also gauging the rate at which you ramp up your training – whether that’s measured in miles or in hours. The Wonderland trail is 90+ miles with a good deal of vertical gain / loss. Aiming for ~4 miles per hour for that sort of terrain and length is pretty good for a lot of recreational ultradistance athletes. If you’ve been doing 30-mile weeks, an 18-mile long run might not be a great idea right away. Adapt the plan to your needs – and it may also be useful for you to consider connecting with one of the Uphill Athlete coaches for a consultation.

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