Women’s Health Topic #2-Fat Adaptation and Fasted Training

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    Hello All,

    I thought it would make sense to post about Fasting and Fat Adaptation for this week’s topic. We are lucky enough to have our Dietitian, Rebecca Dent, chat with us tomorrow and hear her thoughts on fasted training. I wanted to start a conversation here as well and provide a couple of resources for those who are interested. The first article is written by Rebecca herself; she explains Fat Adaptation and Endurance Training. This is the first article of three in this series; the other two are linked in the article.

    Nutrition and Fat Adaptation

    The second article examines if Intermittent Fasting improves Athletic Performance. Unfortunately, as the article states, there is still a large research gap for female athletes around this topic. However, it is still an interesting study to read about.


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    Leah Weatherhead on #62547

    Thanks Maya for posting this, this answers all my questions regarding fat adaptation! I’m sorry I didn’t see this before the zoom!
    Thank you!

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