Winter sport and Achilles tendon

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    I suffer from chronic Achilles tendinopathy. When I run at slow speed (Z1/middle Z2), do biking or hiking (even on steep hills), I’ve no problem. Even doing a VK isn’t traumatic because the impact are low and it’s more “power hiking”. In contrast, running uphill or running at middle-fast pace make my Achilles tendon sore.

    What is the less traumatic winter sport : xc (skate) xc (classic), skimo or snowshoeing? I’m training for VKs, so my preference would go to skimo. But I wouldn’t do it if it gives me an injury.
    Are the Achilles and the calves working hard on skimo?


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    Rachel on #48193

    Uphill ski gear & snowshoes usually have climbing risers that give your calves a break. If you could rent gear and try it that might be good. If you mostly do uphill training skimo or snowshoeing is a good choice so you can focus on the vert. But I think cross country is great for improving your aerobic base.

    Anonymous on #48227

    What Rachel said.

    I’ve never noticed any calf fatigue with skimo. Also, your foot is inside a ski boot, so the range of extension is more limited.

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