Will the sweat go away?

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    Hi everyone. I’ve dug into the TFNA and have been using the guidelines there for transistion/base period the last 5 months and am about to start recording the base period into the New Alpinism log book (all great btw). End goal being Denali next May. Based in the Reno/Tahoe area so have access to the mountains for all training, which has been the case as a “weekend warrior” the past 10 years.

    I know some must be genetics, but will the sweat ever go away? Even at a heart rate of 120, once I hit 30 minutes on a treadmill/stair climber, I am pouring sweat. For what its worth my BMI is 126, so still have some internal fat loss to go that may help regulating internal heat. I can usually regulate temps enough in the winter with proper layering, but I’m worried the sweat over time will cause issues with staying dry for the extended trip to Denali.

    Open to all thoughts, hadn’t seen this mentioned in these forums that I’ve learned a lot from, so hoping to get some insights here!


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    I started out in the same way. Miserable sweating on easy paced runs. That’s beginning to change. I can come home from an hour running in Zone 2 and not be a wet mess like before, so I do believe it’s getting better. I’m also in Reno and have a goal of Denali with a few other guys here. Good luck!

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