Why is the perceived effort of different disciplines so different?

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    Hi guys,

    The last month I managed to do those three disciplines:

    – uphill running [just started this season]
    – mountaineering [doing it for many years highly anaerobicly]
    – ski mountaineering (not skimo) [first time this season, but doing it for years highly anaerobicly]

    I retested my AeT lately using uphill running and yielded 160 bpm. I had been training according to strict UA regime since April. I noticed very different ‘perceived efforts’ during the different activities while observing the same heartrate (@150):

    – uphill running felt like a 5 (out of 10)
    – mountaineering felt like a 4/5
    – ski mountaineering felt like a 3

    I know that different disciplines could exhibit different thresholds.

    But what could be the reason that ski mountaineering is so easy and the others are significantly harder. What are the implications?

    My guess would be that it depends on the muscular endurance factor of a discipline. Since I know that ME has always been my weakness, mountaineering and even more uphill running is way more demanding regarding ME. But that’s just my hypothesis. What do you think?


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    Jan on #32402

    My guess would be that ski mountaineering feels easier because you use your upper body and arms more. This leads to a higher heart rate for the same “leg effort”.
    The slightly harder feeling for uphill running might just be there because you are rather new to this. The difference between a 4/5 and a 5 could also just be normal day-to-day variation.

    Anonymous on #32404

    I’m afraid I can’t offer any insights other than perceived exertion ‘may’ not be an accurate reflection of actual work being done.

    I think it would be challenging to recreate the exact same training load in all three of these disciplines.

    One suggestion: Measure blood lactate at the same HR in all three.


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