Who should add Hypertrophy to training

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    In the book TFNA you mention that young athletes and athletes with very little muscle mass would benefit from a Hypertrophy cycle in their training. How would you judge if someone falls into this category of athlete? What are the tests or indications?


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    Hi ,

    You can do a test of strength deficit. You would need to calculate your 1 RM. Then you would need to see how many receptions you can do with 90% of your 1Rm .
    More then 3 repetitions with 90% of your 1RM , means that you have enough muscle units but you need to work on power because they are not working all together to produce force, if you do less then 3 , means you should work on hypertrophy and create more muscle mass if you want to produce more force .
    Just have in mind with working hypertrophy and having more mass/weight , how much is that going to improve your performance or not .



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