Who Likes Their Watch?

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    Victor Grijalva

    I’m in the market for a new watch. Currently using Apple watch but went on a 6 hour climb yesterday and it died on me. Battery is only good for about 6 hours in GPS mode and about 3 if using GPS and music. Not good for a multiday climb.

    Started researching best watches but there is too much info so I thought I would post here. Anyone really like their watch and would recommend it?

    All seem to have good set of standard features but I’m looking for watch that has good battery life in GPS mode, has music (for my runs), is not glitchy, syncs well to Training Peaks and syncs well to chest strap.



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    Jeremy on #67743

    My Garmin Instinct is no longer syncing my activities and iMac wont recognize device so cant download the files. This makes me a bit nervous about purchasing another Garmin. Anyone else find Suunto good?



    Mariner_9 on #67757

    “Anyone else find Suunto good?”

    Watch (Ambit3 Peak) is fine, HRM was useless and I ended up replacing it with the Polar H10 which has worked perfectly. Customer service is basically non-existent. YMMV but that’s been my experience. Similarly bad experience with Garmin – both product and service – albeit with a different device (InReach).

    keith brown on #67809

    Just FYI. I just returned from 5 days on the Appalachian Trail. Garmin 745. I wore a chest strap from start to finish each days (gotta get my TSS for the week!). I kept the strap on for maybe 12+ hours per day, and the watch on in GPS mode for maybe 8 hours max per day. I do not recall the battery ever getting below 40 or 45%. I wanted to test battery life for use on longer expeditions, and was surprised how much charge remained. I’m also assuming % battery charge and the discharge rate is linear. I did have a smaller recharging battery handy if i needed to recharge on breaks or on-the-move. I am satisfied, at this point, and will continue. As mentioned above, there are Garmin products with longer battery life.

    Anecdotal info, and just another data point for you.

    Vr, Keith

    SFmike on #68001

    I realize this thread has been thoroughly beaten to death, but thought I’d add a quick note about GPS tracking options. I think (emphasis on “think”) Garmin defaults the tracking to “GPS Normal”. Other options are things like “GLONASS” or “UltraTrac”. In an effort to increase battery life I tried the “UltraTrac” (less-frequent location sampling) option today on a training hike. While it seemed to be better on my battery (started with full charge and it ended at 77%), the data it recorded was terrible. The route was a steep 2 miles, followed by a 2 mile rolling traverse, then a 2 mile steep downhill = 6 miles total. However, in “UltraTrac” mode, the data said 9.8 miles and the resulting map in Garmin and TrainingPeaks was a mess…lines jumping all over and zig-zagging. That said, the elevation gain was correct (the same as estimates from other sources online). More research is required here, but in the meantime I won’t be using “UltraTrac” and would suggest that anyone who does use it should also double-check their route mileage on something as simple as Google Maps. I’m sure DC Rainmaker has articles on this subject but I haven’t had a chance to look yet.

    Has anyone else run into this? FWIW, I’ve been using Garmin watches for 6 years and always left them in “GPS Normal” mode.

    Happy training!

    lapotka on #68009

    I’ve had similar issues with my Suunto Spartan, using lower quality setting to maximize battery life, usually on ridges or near summits , the map looks like i’m teleporting into the void , I attribute it to bouncing from one set of satellites on one side of a ridge to another on the other side but thats just a guess. Happens at the summit of my local ski area too, I’ll magically gain a thousand feet of elevation walking far side of the lift.

    SFmike on #68019

    Thanks, @laptoka. It’s good to know I’m not losing my mind!

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