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Which training plan? – injured shoulder

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    this question probably already was asked, but I can’t find it.
    So, I hurt my shoulder in a ski accident and currently can’t lift my right arm. However I can run, can do squats, everything where no force goes on the shoulder. Swimming is okayish, but it’s super slow and feels awkward.
    My question is, which training plan I can choose so I can stay in shape? Usually I am training for general mountaineering since my activity is steep skiing, where I need to be strong uphill, climb a little and then have power left for the downhill.

    Thanks a a lot in advance!

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    Thanks for writing in.
    Sorry to hear about your injury. Only our rock climbing plans are arm/shoulder intensive. In all our other plans you can easily adjust the strength training workouts to drop any exercises that bother your shoulder. With your steep skiing goals I suggest our 12 week free skiing plan as targeting that goal quite well with no shoulder involvement.


    bernhard on #25833

    Thanks a lot Scott! Will go for that plan 🙂

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