Which training for Winter?

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    I am looking at where to take my training this winter. I would love to keep improving my cardiovascular capacity but I am mostly an ice climber and skier (touring and classic cross country) during the winter. Would the Eiger North face plan be a good all around plan? The other option I was considering was doing strength training (Ice and Mixed) and then just ski in between sessions.

    My spring plan is to transition to running as things melt out.

    I have been in transition period for a while now as I had lots of traveling and what not, but I am back for the winter and I am needing some focus.



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    Anonymous on #30530


    If ice climbing is a goal for the winter then I suggest using the Ice and Mixed plan and then adding aerobic workouts to it. That plan is exclusively a strength plan so you’ll have plenty of room to fill in the gaps with skiing.


    TerryLui on #31458

    I’m in a similar position as yourself and spent some time creating a bit of a “Frankenstein” training plan with the following combo:
    Ice/Mixed Plan + the Cardio components from the Alpinism plan (I’m using the Advanced Alpinism plan)

    I expect to moderate/adjust according to how my energy/motivation/recovery goes (i.e. downgrade the shorter Aerobic workouts from Z2 to Z1/Recovery)

    Praying it’ll work well! 😀

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