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    Hi, I’m running a race 28km with 2500m ascent and descent in July. Currently running 25mile weeks. I will complete my first training season in December with a 50km trail ultra, then recover with some Scottish winter climbing. I’m looking for advice as to which plan to follow as the race isn’t ultra distance but has significant elevation and sustained climbing up to the 3rd grade (alpine). Rock climbing isn’t too much of an issue as I’m able to solo these grades confidently.

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    Anonymous on #31625


    For race with a lot of vert I highly recommend our Mike Foote Big Vert plan. It’ll give you legs of steel and can be adjusted to suit any length and amount of vert. In your case with the shorter race with tons of vert just use the vert in your calculations.


    oliver.heyes on #31836

    Thanks Scott. I look forward to starting the next plan!

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