Which HR is AeT threshold

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    I did my AeT threshold treadmill test
    Is my threshold the HR average for the test
    145 or is the the HR at the beginning of the test after my HR stabilized 142?

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    Anonymous on #42835

    Start with this article: https://uphillathlete.com/aerobic-anaerobic-threshold-self-assessment/

    To calculate the drift in heart rate, divide the average HR in the second 30′ by the average HR in the first 30′. If the drift is less than 5%, then you’re below your aerobic threshold.

    Does that make sense?

    saltzmanjane on #42844

    Yes. I did calculate the drift and it was less than 5%_ but I’m still uncertain if I use the average heart rate for the 60 minutes or my heart rate at minute 1

    Anonymous on #42849

    The starting heart rate.

    Also, with only a 3-beat drift, it wouldn’t hurt to test again around 150.

    saltzmanjane on #42857

    It’s 106 in the garage today so the retest will have to wait. Is it possible that it can take almost 40 minutes for your heart rate to stabilize? The first half of my test has some ups and downs but the trend is up, the second half of my test is essentially a flat line. I wondering if I should have waited longer to start the test or if that slight up down movement is normal

    Anonymous on #42891

    Yikes. That is hot. That will affect your heart rate for sure.

    Forty minutes would be on the long side, but I guess it’s possible if your warm-up is quite gradual. The heat could be a factor too.

    SOme up and down variation is normal. Heart rate is never static.

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