Where to find info about alpine ascents

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    I’m curious where people go to find information on alpine routes around the world. I want to know more about the difficult alpine routes of the world and where to discover more and I just don’t know exactly where to look.

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    huntermiles3353 on #55155

    Actually I just found out more about the American Alpine Journal and just ordered a copy. I hope this will provide the information I’m looking for. I wish there was a more accessible form of this information online though.

    I also find a lot of incredible videos on Youtube. Some are just random ones with little views documenting adventures of all kinds and all types of people. However it can be kind of hard to find what you’re looking for there because there are so many videos and it’s hard to find communities on there showing new things.

    I just wanted to share this and ask for other’s advice on finding out more about routes and such. I find learning about different ranges, peaks and routes is crucial to my inspiration as a climber, long distance hiker and adventurer.

    Alex on #55187

    Gulliver(dot)it is a great resource for the Alps. Pretty detailed overviews of the routs and people always update on the conditions. It’s in Italian but you can use google translate.

    There are also books, like Rebuffant’s 100 finest routs in the Mont Blanc range, etc …

    Shashi on #55201

    I found the guidebooks for the region as the best resource. For e.g. for the Southwest region in British Columbia, Alpine Select by Kevin McLane has a list of 150+ climbs of different levels from Alpine Rating F-ED.

    Summit Post and Mountain Project are good online resources for climbs in North America. As Alex said, check forums and personal blogs that share trip reports/current conditions for climbs in a region.

    For inspiration, learning about different mountain ranges, climbing cultures, etc. I have enjoyed reading Bernadette McDonald’s books like Freedom Climbers and Alpine Warriors.

    Hope this is helpful.

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