Where can I find the Strength/Core workouts?

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    Hey All,

    Where can I find the Strength and Core workouts for the 24 Week Mountaineering program?

    Looking at that program, it states “1x core routine and 1x general strength from Training for the New Alpinism book.”

    When I look at the TFTNA table of contents, it has chapters on Strength, but doesn’t seem to have workouts.

    Looking at the table of contents of the Training for the Uphill Athlete book, it does seems to have workouts/programs.

    Where can I find the exercises/programs I need for this training plan?


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    Tobias on #70843

    Have a look into the attachments of the first few workouts in the plan or notes. That was the place where I could find the PDFs for it, at least in the alpine plans it is like that.

    Chris on #70845

    Awesome, thanks Tobias! I’ll check in the plan I purchase.

    I was trying to get an idea of the workouts before and was thinking I could see them in the book (if I knew what book it was in).

    Tobias on #70855

    In the book training for the new alpinism the core routine is described, and the general strength exercises are described as well. I cannot tell you where, as I use the kindle version, but the pictures should be easy to find when scrolling through 🙂

    Jane Mackay on #70872


    you can download Scott’s killer core routine here: https://uphillathlete.com/strength-training/scotts-killer-core-routine-pdf/
    And there’s an explainer video here: https://uphillathlete.com/videos/how-to-do-core/

    You can download the general strength plan here: https://uphillathlete.com/strength-training/general-strength-routine/

    Chris on #70873

    Thanks, Jane! That was what I was looking for!

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