When your training plan starts later…how to fill that time until it starts?

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    I have purchased the 24-week Big Mountan plan, with an end-date set to December 28th 2021…that means it doesn’t ‘start’ until the end of July. I workout regularly already, but chose the plan to create some structure, accountability and tracking, so would rather start using that plan now, not in 3 months.

    Should I change the END date to a START date of now, and just expand some of the weeks to fill in the gaps? Any best-practice ideas for which weeks to repeat?

    Thank you, all!

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    LindsayTroy on #53312

    You can do extra weeks, if you have a long history of training, I would decide if you think you need more max strength or more ME. If you don’t have a long history, I’d probably do a longer transition period. You can also do a combo of these things.

    The one thing to keep in mind is that is a 24 week program. The end of July is 14 weeks away. Do you really want to be locked into a program for 38 weeks? Thats a long time for fully structured workouts. Maybe take some time to play before your program starts? You can still play for 10 weeks and add 4 weeks of additional training to supplement things you feel you need extra on.

    deborahrutter on #53430

    Lindsay–wow, thanks for the reply and great points. I DO work well with structure and accountability, for sure. It might be good to develop some discipline around not being disciplined.

    I was thinking if I expanded even just an additional two weeks, that might split the difference. In any case, you gave me options I hadn’t considered–thank you!

    Anonymous on #55253

    As Lindsay said, that’s a long time for one plan. You could do a three-month version of the 24-week plan with an intermediate objective perhaps? If you adjust each phase by a similar proportion to get an overall length of three months, you should be all set.

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