When your hike doesn’t quite go as planned

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    Melanie Hunter

    Just for everyone’s entertainment and in case you want to share your own stories of outings gone wrong: I spent a couple hours today chasing my wayward beagle mix through the deep snow and thick alders because I lost my mind and decided I would let him off the leash at this same snowshoe-hare-infested spot where I’ve lost him before. He never goes far but I do have to plunge into the underbrush to catch him or else he will snuffle around in there for hours. I’ve had this little guy for 10 years and still, I don’t learn. He turned a 1.5 hour day into 3 hours. And he is not sorry. Hope the picture comes through!

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    Melanie Hunter on #58602

    Ah-no picture, the file is too big.

    Jane Mackay on #58614

    Haha yep! For things where I never learn I’ve started giving myself a strict instruction about it before setting out, and actually talking to myself and telling myself “NO. Remember what you promised yourself?” when I come to the danger zone.

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