When is the best Time to do Tempo work?

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    I run now since 3 Years. I have tried a few different plans, at the beginning I’m only run at the flat but it wasn’t that what I want to do. It was the first step to build up the first running endurance.

    At my first year I run 1000km in the 2nd Year 2300km this year I would try 3000km. The last weaks I run about 80-100km with 4000-5000hm.

    Today I would say I‘m a trailrunner who’s training for ultra runs. I have at July my fist race with 65km and 4500hm atidude an would try to get faster in the next weeks.

    The last months I Train 90-95% Z1/Z2 Workouts, at the flat I run a pace about 5:00-5:20min/km. The Goal is to improve this pace to 4:30min/km and also get faster uphill.

    Is this now with speed workouts possible or is it bad for the basic endurance?

    I‘m very thankful for Tips or where to get training plans for this goal.

    All the best,

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    Jane Mackay on #67888

    Alex, I’ll let others chime in who have more expertise, but to begin with you might find this article helpful. It’s long, and it covers all the aspects of training for mountain running, including the timing of each element.

    Training for Mountain Running

    Mariner_9 on #67919


    You asked “where to get training plans for this goal” – try https://uphillathlete.com/training-plans/#mountain-running-training


    juljit58 on #68036

    Tempo work is best done after building up a bit of running base. Make sure to do some dynamic warm-ups and take on easier miles to loosen up. This will also allow you to help set your mind and put your game on. Diving straight right will only do you damage and lead to possible accidents.

    Alex on #68044

    Thank you for the answers.

    I got a lactate Test last week and now I’m more confused then before.

    The Test says:

    Aet at 170bpm
    Ant at 177bpm
    Max at 190bpm

    Is it possible that the Aet is so high?
    I mean it’s quite hard for me to run at 170bpm it don’t feels like my Aet an I think I can’t hold this rate much longer then 1 hour. And only 7bpm between Aet and Ant?

    The Doc who made the Test means my aerobic fitness is very high for my training experience but to use the whole capacity my muscles are to weak. I should make very hard Intervalls (example 3x10min at Max) to build up more muscles.

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