What training plan to choose?

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    Hi everybody
    I am trying to understand which plan will be the best to choose for my training needs if I want to stick to just one plan.
    I am 59. In summer I do a lot of trekking and some climbing and in winter I mostly do ski-touring with daily average elevation gain between 700 and 1200 meters.
    I do most of my activities in the Alps between 1000m and 4000m. Primary training objective – strengthening my aerobic base and muscle endurance.

    Now I am hesitating between ‘16 Week SkiMo Racing Training Plan’, ‘16 Week Big Mountain Training Plan’ and ‘24 Week Expeditionary Mountaineering Training Plan’

    Thank you for your thoughts

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    Shashi on #53737


    Is there a specific climb that you are planning for later this summer? When is it? Depending on the objective and time a 24-week or 16-week mountaineering training plan would be recommended.

    You can also email coach@uphillathlete.com and get a recommendation on the training plan.

    Andrey on #53750

    Thank you Shashi, that’s probably the best idea!

    TerryLui on #53932

    Agreed with Shashi. An alternative perspective is if this is your first time following a structured training program, go w/ the 24 week program. This is most general and will help build your physical base where you’ll also learn about yourself, your body, how it responds to training load/stress, etc.

    Andrey on #53941

    Thank you for coming back to me, Shashi and Terry
    In summer I plan to do some climbing and trekking around Chamonix France, those will not be more than 5-6 gays events and than I am planning to start preparing for skitourning season. So just wonder if 24 weeks plan will cover my both needs?

    Andrey on #53944

    Oups, I meant 5 – 6 days events (rock & ice, graciers,…)

    TerryLui on #54027

    rock & ice, graciers

    What level are these 5-6 day “events?”
    If they’re recreational/for fun, I’d still say go w/ the 24 week plan.
    Again, if this is your first time following a structured training plan, start broad and general. Then once you’ve followed the plan for a year or so, you’ll have a better understanding of yourself and your body.

    I’d recommend you think of your training with a long term mindset (i.e. years). Especially at 59, taking a long & gradual approach will yield you more consistent results while reducing injury potential. While it takes longer to build up fitness as we age, it takes MUCH longer to recover from injury by over doing it.

    cover my both needs?

    Climbing and aerobic endurance are at near opposite ends of the metabolic spectrum. It is difficult to train both to be physically/muscularly strong and aerobically strong at the same time (think of the last time you saw a pro marathoner compete well in a deadlifting competition or a bodybuilder compete well in a triathlon…).

    Your best bet is to focus on your priority (which the 24 week program will do well at) –

    Primary training objective – strengthening my aerobic base and muscle endurance.

    And then return to climbing training near the end of ski touring season in preparation for spring/summer climbing 2022 (remember…play the long game, think YEARS not months)

    Andrey on #54053

    TerryLui, thank you for your detailed answer. Considering everything, I believe I will follow your advice. Aerobic endurance is what I need most of the time in the mountains in winter as well as in summer!
    Take care and enjoy the coming summer!

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