What size plyo box makes the most sense for me?

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    I’m a 6’0 male and my knee is somewhere around 21″ off the ground. If 75% of knee height is still the rule of thumb I should be using a 16″ box. I’m just starting out with this kind of exercise and am looking to buy a box – I’ve found 12/14/16″ and 16/20/24″ options.

    Since both options have a 16″ side would I get more use out of having 12/14″ options or 20/24″ options? I’m training for mountain running and hiking if that makes a difference. Thanks!

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    Reed on #58676

    If you’re going to be using the box for step-ups, step-downs, and stability work (as opposed to plyometrics), the lower box might be more versatile. Heel touches from a 12″ box, or even a 3″ yoga block, have been pretty helpful for me.

    MarkPostle on #58689

    Of those 2 choices of sizing I would lean towards the 12/14/16. As Reed mentions might be better for heel touch and stability work. I have also had folks get a lot of use out of a stackable box system of 12, 8 and 4″ boxes giving many combination possibilities. If you look for “Yes4All Stackable Wood Plyo Box” on amazon you’ll see them. This would be a fair bit more $$ than the 12/14/16 though.

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